EPCM-PSP Overview

Estimating - Planning & Scheduling - Cost Engineering - Management Services

EPCM Professional Service Partners (EPCM-psp) works collaboratively with clients to provide high value consulting services, and program and project management in complex engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance environments. Our services are augmented by a comprehensive suite of proprietary tools, and a Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage estimating standards database. These tools enable our clients to execute projects with the highest degree of predictability. Our teams of consultants and project managers have the experience and the backup of networks of partners who are reliable and trustworthy. EPCM-psp is an industry leader in providing process workflow consulting, project planning, scheduling, and maintenance estimating for the Oil & Gas, Power, Manufacturing and Mining industries.

Want to learn more about our innovative approach to project management and scheduling? We offer PSP Advantage Services, which include the proprietary methodologies of "Float-Based Prioritization" and "Component Based Estimating." These services have the potential to revolutionize your operations. Contact us.

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Want To Know More?

box1We encourage you to think about how our services will benefit your company. Do our suggested solutions make sense? Is there something here your company can use? We’d be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Contact Us

We’re All About Service

box2Industry best practices, patented methodology, a comprehensive suite of tools for accomplishing relevant data tasks, and an estimating standards database, are all in service to providing unequaled service to your organization.

The Guarantee of a Great Staff

box3 Our teams of consultants and project managers have the certified competencies, knowledge of best practices, experience, and the support of a network of client-partners that render them professional, reliable, and trustworthy.