Integrated Document Management
EPCM-PSP’s Change Management methodology focuses on implementing and documenting successful organizational change. We use a variety of techniques, including specific change management activities, diagnosing gaps between where your workers are and where you would like them to be, developing corrective actions to help them progress effectively, and supporting their managers and supervisors. As a matter of course, we document all this activity in detail, generate useful reports, and organize it for easy access so the techniques can be quickly adjusted for greater efficiency and replicated for future use. Often, the document management process requires the addition and integration of client data, including historical records. If the client’s documentation is in paper form, our experience with porting libraries of technical documentation into electronic form can make the difference between the successful completion of the effort and the constant scramble looking for this valuable information.
Constant Project Updates
The integrated documentation management system is also very useful for generating constant project updates. A reporting and updating capability is built into our comprehensive suite of tools and the structure of our Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage estimating standards database. This capability enables our clients to execute projects with the highest degree of predictability; they always know where they are in their progress toward completion. Consequently, EPCM-PSP has become an international industry leader in providing process workflow and feedback consulting.
Comprehensive Suite of Tools
The backbone of our services is a comprehensive suite of proprietary tools for scheduling, planning and measuring work performance. The suite includes the PSP Planning Advantage Services package containing ‘Component-based Estimation,’ ‘Float-based Prioritization,’ and an STO database library. These tools can be combined to become parts of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) of incredible power.

Here is how the process works:

01After being integrated into your environment, we begin our collaborative journey by diagnosing the problem.

02We talk to your management, staff, and members of your workforce - while we analyze your company's performance statistics, all to identify the state of your operation.

03Next, we sit down with you and present our findings. Decisions are made in this meeting, or series of meetings, as to whether you are where you want to be, and if not, we reach an understanding of what your business performance goals are.

04As we progress further, we develop corrective actions to be taken and controls for measuring progress.

05We consolidate these into an action plan- a proposal for action - tailored to the environment of your organization.

06In 'working the plan', we begin to apply our proprietary methodologies, using our suite of proprietary tools, referencing our databases of industry norms, and creating a tailored CMMS as needed.

07We generate reports as we go, document each step of the way, and adjust the process accordingly, until your performance goals are met.