slide-4bb.jpgHere at EPCM-psp, we offer the following Management Services:
•    Project Management
•    Data Management
•    Project Controls Management
•    Change Management
•    Management Consulting

These services are important to the success of your company's projects. Each service is one component of a centralized method of management that allows us to organize, coach, plan, and schedule work according to set budget parameters.

Project Management

At EPCM-psp our Project Management methodology goes beyond just planning.  We also utilize the basics of organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific project goals.  A key component to our project management success is the trust we build through our honesty and project commitment. Our network of industry professionals trained in our trademarked methods are able to consistently deliver successful results. They are experts in the areas of Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning & Scheduling.  

Data Management

Data Management is the development and supervision of company plans, practices and procedures that enhance the value of the information a company compiles.  At EPCM-psp we have the ability to standardize your company’s data. We can organize this data into the several categories making it easy to access for future use. These categories include:  

•    Technical
•    Estimates
•    Historical
•    Budget

At EPCM-psp, our goal is to make information broadly and readily available to all users throughout your company. Placing consistent, up-to-date and accurate data into the hands of everyone who needs it will improve efficiency and the credibility of your data. In order to achieve this we will introduce a specialized data management system. We will also introduce a personalized set of structured procedures that not only archives all data, but also enhances reliability and reusability.

Change Management

Change Management is the process of strategically transitioning individuals or team members from a current state to a future state with optimum efficiency. This organizational process assists stakeholders in embracing the changes in their professional life.  EPCM-psp takes great pride in handling individuals in a manner that develops them for new and important roles within an organization.  We work hard to ensure that an organization’s changes are implemented smoothly and long term benefits are achieved.  Business and Industry are constantly evolving due to innovation and technology. At EPCM-psp we help our clients adapt to these changes which gives them a competitive advantage.

Controls Management

Project Controls and Cost Engineering are practices that seek balance between a project’s cost, quality and time requirements.  At EPCM-psp we offer a full range of financial analysis and cost tracking services to maximize that balance for our clients. We integrate and coordinate with all parties concerning the key aspects of a project. We are there to support our clients from the initial project set up, all the way through the commissioning and closing out of a project.  We do this for our clients by managing all costs associated with the project scope. These costs include:

•    Direct Cost and hours
•    Vendor labor
•    Materials
•    Indirect Cost
•    Overhead
•    Capital Spending
•    Expense Tracking


At EPCM-psp we improve the management process by creating intuitive reporting,  using SAP to create KPI reports and analyzing variances between the actual, the budget and the latest estimates. We generate bi-weekly cost reports in tabular and graphic formats to track direct, indirect and overhead costs for Capital Projects, Turnaround and Maintenance.
At EPCM-psp we coordinate with project engineers to ensure the financial health of all active projects by:
•    Reporting on projects that can potentially exceed budget
•    Requesting purchase orders to be closed on completed projects
•    Ascertaining that vendors do not have any open invoices for completed projects

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard Reporting is a useful tool for visual representation of performance data.  At EPCM-psp we allow our clients to view their information not only as complex data sets but simple diagrams. Some of the benefits include:

•    The ability to quickly identify trends and correct them if necessary
•    Saves time versus running multiple reports and examining data
•    Dashboards allow us to quickly measure efficiencies or inefficiencies
•    Gain visibility to all systems represented

Management Consulting

Management Consulting is the practice of coordinating the efforts of a group of consultants in order to improve an organization’s performance.  At EPCM-psp we employ industry professionals who possess the abilities

1)    To analyze any organizational problems and
2)    Develop plans for improving them.  

We are the industry leader of “best practices”. We have the ability to provide objective advice and specialized expertise.  Some of the Management Consulting services we provide include:

•    Development of coaching skills
•    Technology improvement
•    Strategy Development
•    Operational improvement services  
•    More efficient methods of task execution